Omaha Poker Tips

Omaha poker tips, slots and how to play

Omaha poker tips specialties

Unlike hold’em poker, Omaha has different betting structure, which is regarded to be the prime difference when two games are compared. Apart from that, players are dealt four cards right from the beginning instead of two.

Despite this fact, player do not need all four cards to make their hand but only use two of them hence getting the hand could be easier. Based on these specialties, the tips for playing Omaha poker could be provided. But general rules of how to play this type of poker will have to be considered and must be known well.

Find out how to play Omaha poker

Once a player has been issued four cards right from the beginning, these cards will be used to choose two out of the four to make the poker hand. In addition to the initial cards that player receives right from the beginning three other community cards will be received during the game. These seven cards can be used to make five cards poker but Omaha poker tips are all about getting the best starting hand.

Players should always look for possibility of getting the best out of the situation that they have. So the best double suited hands will have to be watched out for:


  • AAKK;
  • AAJT;
  • AAQQ;
  • AAJJ;
  • AA99;
  • AAXX;
  • JT98;
  • KKQQ;
  • KKJJ.

The following hands will have to be considered as the second row of hands in the sense of importance.


  • KQJT;
  • KKTT;
  • KKAQ;
  • KKAJ;
  • KKAT;
  • KKQJ;
  • KKQT;
  • KKJT;
  • QQJJ;
  • QQTT.

The third echelon will also have to be considered before folding cards if the circumstances almost turn out to be against anything that may have been expected.


  • QQAK;
  • QQAJ;
  • QQAT;
  • QQKJ;
  • QQKT;
  • QQJT;
  • QQJ9;
  • QQ99;
  • JJTT;
  • JJT9.

When it comes to Omaha poker tips, it has to be remembered that the actual poker hand that is made of 5 card Omaha is exactly the same as in Texas hold’em.

Best Omaha slots on offer

There are few online resources that offer the best conditions to play the game online. Poker can be played either for free or for real money. The best casinos always use only respectful software designers, so the facilities that they provide are the most comfortable and absolute pleasure to look at.

When slots have to be chosen, it is also vital that its layout is easy to understand and a player requires minimum amount of time to get to grips with the surroundings. The following slots also require fewer obligations and offer the best bonuses:

  • Poker Stars Casino;
  • Full Tilt Casino;
  • Unibet Casino;
  • 888 Poker Casino;
  • Party Poker Casino.

When Omaha poker tips are provided, it is crucial to point out that the above mentioned resources are not only the best for winning and building hands but also for having high profile and respectful names too. All the slot providers are registered in respectful legislations, so players can always have complete peace of mind for their finances being secured at all times.

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